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How To Get A Low-Cost Online Shop?

Introduction: There is a trend of shopping online nowadays, which is increasing day by day. Every brand and company, from big to small level, is offering its customers the convenience of displaying online products and ordering products online through e-commerce websites. E-commerce websites or online shopping sites can be quite …

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Social Media Is Not A Sport, A Spectacle

Introduction: The social media game has become a spectacle, not a category and a two-edged sword. Hundreds of thousands of people have been plagued by simple irony or misunderstanding. There are no definitive statistics on this, and not everyone reaches a cybercrime or a police station. Do you and your …

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How do you make A Personal Blog on Facebook?

Introduction: Facebook is now introducing a unique facial recognition feature for its users. This technology is also available in various modern smartphones today, which is gaining extra popularity worldwide. However, Facebook is not introducing the use of ‘face recognition’ technology to log into its platform, but there are other motivations …

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How much do Bug Bounties Pay to Facebook

Introduction: Facebook announced in a post. It wants to expand the program. It says the company will allow those participating in the Bug Bounty program to review it through a third-party app rather than witnessing security flaws. Researchers now announce this. Instead of viewing the test remotely, now be it …

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Splash is also very important in Online Business

Introduction: You see, the brands, successful businesses, and shops all over the world all have one thing in common, and that is “show off.” Showing up here means Digital Marketing and advertising; no business can be successful until it becomes famous. How to Create a Huge Marketing Splash: There is …

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