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How do you make A Personal Blog on Facebook?


Facebook is now introducing a unique facial recognition feature for its users. This technology is also available in various modern smartphones today, which is gaining extra popularity worldwide. However, Facebook is not introducing the use of ‘face recognition’ technology to log into its platform, but there are other motivations behind it.

Benefits of New Feature Change in Facebook:

After turning on this feature, any time a friend or a relative has posted a photo of you without a tag on their wall, Facebook will automatically send you a natty-faceted reference. After receiving this natty fixture, you can see who has uploaded your photo without tagging you. The benefit of this new feature is that if someone uploads an inappropriate photo of you, you can take immediate action against it. Users who do not already have face recognition service will receive a notification via Facebook in their news feed. Users will also have the option to ‘turn it on’ from their respective news feed. However, people who do not mind that if a friend of theirs on Facebook updates their image without permission, they can also turn off this feature in the application settings.

How did the revolution in internet come about?

Innovative technology has made innumerable ease in human life, some examples of which are ‘Google Map, Online Taxi Service, Search Engines, Electronic Machinery’ etc. Google Map is the name of online software that allows you to easily access places you are not familiar with. Similarly, you can call a car at the doorstep of your smartphone through the online taxi service with just a few clicks. But where technology has created comfort and convenience has brought numerous problems.

Facebook Deep fake Ban is A Solution to a Distant Problem:

The Internet and the various applications and websites associated with it have become the focus of today’s youth. Only social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Tick Talk have raised such issues as bloggers protection. On the other hand, the widespread pornographic content on the Internet is also causing toys for teenagers and young people. Deep fake, or deep learning technology, is also the hallmark of recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence. But instead of unexpectedly contributing to the advancement of science, technology is causing the production of pornographic material by using the elements of society.

How to create a data set and a Challenge for Deep fake:

Deep-faked technology can use a technique known as ‘generative adversarial’ to put a well-known face on the face of an ordinary person, which is so real in appearance that it becomes difficult to distinguish truth or falsehood. Many of Hollywood’s leading heroin faces have been used to manufacture pornographic material using the aforementioned technology. After such videos surfaced, a debate about ‘Deep Fake’ technology on social media began, which continues to this day, a year later. However, this technology has recently been used in the field of internet, calling the positive results achieved by Bloggers an important breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence.

Facebook Videos and Manipulated Content:

Deep learning technology focuses primarily on such ‘algorithms’. , Which is capable of understanding and identifying different patterns. These algorithms were used by Bloggers to perform SEO. What is the best way to detect virus during Blogging? Keep in mind that Bloggers are regarded as a masterpiece in the world of virus, whereby SEO are taken from different angles of the social media. These SEO are essentially cross-sectional images that have the ability to detect problems found. Researchers say that in the near future, a new invention combining deep learning technology and Facebook may revolutionize the world of bloggers. Bloggers also say that the scope of deep learning technology is not limited to use of Facebook, but it can be used for observations and experiments in different fields of internet.

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