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Social Media Is Not A Sport, A Spectacle


The social media game has become a spectacle, not a category and a two-edged sword. Hundreds of thousands of people have been plagued by simple irony or misunderstanding. There are no definitive statistics on this, and not everyone reaches a cybercrime or a police station. Do you and your family be safe to do so? It cannot be banned or prevented from any repression, but by spreading its understanding and talking about its dangers, people can be saved.

Is its content really that post?

Face this issue in your homes, in your family and in your friends by asking how much they understand the internet and social media and its safety. Get rid of their misunderstandings – talk about precautions – talk to headmaster teachers and teachers in schools to help them spread the word to children and parents.

People of all ages should know that strangers on the internet do not want to be considered friends or accept the request to be friends. When posting a post, think that your post will be reposted thousands of times and in thousands of groups.

Social security and security agencies

Do not paint your APCO as a representative of a group on the internet and social media … Do not dispel your views on people by becoming a godfather. Do not make derogatory comments on other people’s posts – see the language and statement. – If God has given you time, then it can be used anywhere else as bloggers, we have to give our time and other blessings in the end.

Social security and security agencies will also search social media in search of the people they need – somewhere in your frequent and pointless posts, and there are no words that will get you the answer because of misunderstanding.

Check your profile, see what people should know about you and what doesn’t.

Moving content by unknown or unknown people without authentication is as bad as preparing it. Understand the security settings of Facebook and other platforms – take the time to do so. If you need to watch a video or tutorial, please understand. When photographing images, just think if your relatives, friends and employees can really see this picture? Otherwise, just share with a few people or send them to the inbox. Don’t tag everyone indiscriminately.

How do you feel when others tag you?

Do not open links to any web site sent to the internet. It can lead you to an infected site. The capital of Portugal, for the brighter future, children from this family who are away from their country in the race for education, not only raise their parents and family proudly.

How Do You Tag Someone on Facebook without them knowing

There is a need and aspiring children in education to succeed in the field of facebook by demonstrating patriotism from their homeland, and by becoming a better blogger for the country, proving that we are a peaceful and well-educated nation, organized blogging system based in Portugal. Describing it as encouraging and welcoming, it also called for awards to encourage children and said that awards would also be given to those who participate in positive activities and those dedicated to the patriotism of Portugal. Hundreds of students are studying across Europe, including their well-performing and positively active students. Either raise the pride of the country and the nation. The students coming from abroad to get education under their own assistance are the investors who are continuing their educational activities in limited resources. The bloggers encourages such students and students. Will have to help so that they can complete their education and serve their country and nation.

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