Tuesday, January 21, 2020



Game Popularity 4.9M DownloadsCity Racing is a hugely popular sandbox GTA style car racing game. This free game gives you the freedom to explore the city in any way you want. Your can participate in illegal street races, win money, make spectacular jumping stunts, upgrade your car to beat your racing opponents or you can […]

How Brain Training Games Boost Memory and Productivity

It may sound silly at first to hear that you can boost your memory and productivity just by playing brain training games, but Austrian researchers would disagree. How Brain Training Games Boost Memory and Productivity In February of 2018, a research center in Vienna published their findings – Dogs who play brain games have more energy and […]


5 Fire Extinguisher Types You Should Know

In 2015, 1,345,000 fires were reported in the U.S. Each year, fires cause billions of dollars in property damage. To protect yourself from unintentional fires, a working fire alarm system is a must. However, you should also invest in a fire extinguisher. Portable fire extinguishers can save property — and lives. They can be used to contain […]