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4.9M DownloadsCity Racing is a hugely popular sandbox GTA style car racing game. This free game gives you the freedom to explore the city in any way you want. Your can participate in illegal street races, win money, make spectacular jumping stunts, upgrade your car to beat your racing opponents or you can just work as a taxi driver. The gameplay is easy, you just need quick reflexes and a good eye to avoid the police cars and make some money. Download this free full version racing game now and try to survive in the big city.

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City Racing

Leave all your rivals behind in the reckless game City Racing! Are you looking for a job? Win all the illegal races in the notorious city to earn a fortune! Upgrade your car and enjoy all the crooked routes of the narrow streets in the game City Racing.

There are lots of rivals who are at all pains to kick you from the straightaway, so be on the alert! It’s time to show who is the true daredevil in the dynamic game City Racing! Prove your superiority and become the best racer ever!

Race along city streets against the computer or other players who are online. This game doesn’t start with a shiny new car. You have to take a wrecked car to a mechanic who gives you a little advice on how to play the game.

Once your car is fixed, you can race to earn credits to upgrade the car. It’s wise to drive around the city for a while to see where some of the side roads are located and to get a handle on the layout of how the roads turn.

You’ll find events that are set up in the city that you can race in or find opponents on the roads who are ready for a challenge. Some of the upgrades that you can make to your car after earning credits include better tires, a better suspension system, better handling and a better motor so that you have more horsepower.

You can also trade your car or buy a new one if you have enough credits. There are events where you can win cars. The city that you race in is an ordinary city with nothing spectacular.

The graphics aren’t great, but they are decent enough so that you can get a feel for racing. There aren’t a lot of upgrades that you can make to your car to make it fast, so the game does tend to get boring after you’ve raced all of the events. Sometimes, the car you’re driving feels more like a robot. It’s hard to turn corners or stop when needed.

One of the fun aspects of the game is that police cars can stop you if you’re driving too fast and they catch up with you on the road. Pros Upgrade your car Several events Cons Graphics aren’t great Sounds need improved Source.

City Racing Download Free PC Game

You will start your City Racing with a wrecked car being taken to a garage. Then once you are introduced to a mechanic – your exciting journey begins. Mechanic will gives you an introduction to this racing game. You can drive freely around the city, find various events to win.

You must increase your ranking and win credits to upgrade your car or buy a better one. You must prove to the streets that you are superiority or be trashed. Remember, large megalopolis never sleeps. Your goal is to become become the best racer. Let’s go!

You begin City Racing with a wrecked car being taken to a garage, and are introduced to a mechanic who gives you a little introduction to the game. Like other sandbox racers, you can drive freely around the city, and find various events to win to increase your ranking, and win credits to upgrade your car, or buy a better one.

Visually, City Racing is quite odd. The city is fairly generic, although it’s quite big. The vehicles look vaguely futuristic, but not beautiful, and the pedestrians walking the streets are pretty outdated. The gameplay is spoiled by really wooden physics – you feel like you’re driving a bumper car, and there is no real sense of speed.

The language in the game will amuse anyone who likes bad English, as the text throughout is very badly translated. The best thing about City Racing is that it’s free.


  • File Size: 24 Mb
  • 24 MB
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

City Racing Download Game Features

  • 3D graphics
  • Large cities to explore
  • Upgrades and new car add-ons
  • Challenging opponents
  • Tricky roads and insane speeds



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